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Biographical data for:   SEREIKAITE, Agne

Name: Sereikaite, Agne
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 19 October 1994
Age: 23
Age Category: Senior (2014/2015)
Home Country: Lithuania
UPID: STLTU21910199401
Graphs: 2014/2015 | Last 4 years
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Personal records:
500 meter43.55114/03/15Moscow RUSWorld Championships
1000 meter1:29.83027/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World Cup
1500 meter2:20.39815/02/14Sochi RUSOlympic Winter Games
3000 meter5:30.27425/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean Championships

Classifications in season 2014/2015:
18/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupLadies
    Overall Ranking: 2nd,   500 meter: 2nd,   1000 meter: 2nd,   1500 meter: 2nd
24/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupLadies Jun.A+Senior
    Overall Ranking: 1st,   500 meter: 1st,   1000 meter: 1st,   1500 meter: 1st
07/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupLadies
    500 m: 6th,   1000 m (1): 9th
14/11/14Montréal, QB CANWorld CupLadies
    500 m (1): 9th,   1000 m: 19th
12/12/14Shanghai CHNWorld CupLadies
    500 m (1): 15th,   500 m (2): 15th
19/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupLadies
    500 m: 16th,   1000 m: 13th
23/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsLadies
    Overall Ranking: 6th,   500 m: 4th,   1000 m: 3rd,   1500 m: 18th
06/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupLadies
    500 m: 9th,   1500 m (1): 3rd
11/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeLadies
    500 meter: 3rd,   1000 meter: 4th,   1500 meter: 7th
13/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsLadies
    Overall Ranking: 12th,   500 m: 8th,   1000 m: 7th,   1500 m: 23rd

Results in season 2014/2015:
500 meter
43.55114/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsQuarterfinals 
43.57908/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupQuarterfinals 
43.58707/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupHeats 
43.66109/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupFinal, Final B 
43.67924/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsSemifinals 
43.75609/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupQuarterfinals 
43.81712/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeFinal, Group 1 
43.82119/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupHeats 
43.90524/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsQuarterfinals 
43.91515/11/14Montréal, QB CANWorld CupQuarterfinals 
43.95924/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsFinals, Final A 
44.26119/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupFinal, A 
44.30206/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupHeats 
44.31412/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeQuarter Finals, Group 1 
44.36307/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupPreliminaries 
44.39706/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupPreliminaries 
44.39814/11/14Montréal, QB CANWorld CupHeats 
44.46312/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeSemi Final, Group 1 
44.46723/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsHeats 
44.51821/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupRep Semifinals 
44.60312/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeHeats, Group 1 
44.67712/12/14Shanghai CHNWorld CupHeats 
44.72823/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsPreliminaries 
44.91819/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupSemi Final 
44.94612/12/14Shanghai CHNWorld CupHeats 
44.96019/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupQuarter Finals 
44.98621/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupRep Heats 
45.00514/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsFinals, Final B 
45.02013/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsHeats 
45.11318/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupHeats 
45.18021/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupRep Quarterfinals 
45.48625/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupFinal, Group 1 
45.49213/12/14Shanghai CHNWorld CupQuarterfinals 
45.62613/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsPreliminaries 
45.65525/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupSemi Final, Group 1 
46.02518/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupPreliminaries 
46.34825/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupQuarter Finals, Group 1 
46.56425/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupHeats, Group 1 
51.53014/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsSemifinals 
1:00.66821/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupQuarterfinals 
P08/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupSemifinals 
1000 meter
1:30.22908/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupQuarterfinals 
1:30.70220/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupQuarterfinals 
1:31.13113/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeSemi Final, Group 1 
1:31.43819/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupQuarter Finals 
1:32.11613/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeHeats, Group 1 
1:32.66726/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupSemi Final, Group 1 
1:32.76213/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeQuarter Finals, Group 1 
1:32.81707/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupHeats 
1:33.49315/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsQuarterfinals 
1:33.60525/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsSemifinals 
1:33.87419/12/14Seoul KORWorld CupHeats 
1:34.51113/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsHeats 
1:34.62915/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsSemifinals 
1:35.15907/11/14Salt Lake City, UT USAWorld CupPreliminaries 
1:35.75825/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsFinals, Final A 
1:36.14916/11/14Montréal, QB CANWorld CupRep Semifinals 
1:36.58715/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsFinals, Final B 
1:36.76616/11/14Montréal, QB CANWorld CupRep Heats 
1:37.85819/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupSemi Final 
1:38.20926/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupQuarter Finals, Group 1 
1:38.24713/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeFinal, Group 1 
1:38.42923/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsHeats 
1:38.47825/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsQuarterfinals 
1:40.12218/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupHeats 
1:43.79526/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupFinal, Group 1 
1:43.97219/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupFinal, A 
1:45.53825/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupHeats, Group 1 
1500 meter
2:30.62107/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupFinal, Final A 
2:30.97706/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupHeats 
2:32.86511/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeSemi Final, Group 1 
2:33.19223/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsHeats 
2:33.50911/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeFinal, Group 2 
2:33.85713/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsHeats 
2:35.00224/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupFinal, Group 1 
2:35.39518/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupSemi Final 
2:36.44207/02/15Dresden GERWorld CupSemifinals 
2:36.66718/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupFinal, A 
2:37.29911/02/15Granada ESPUniversiadeHeats, Group 1 
2:38.26018/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupHeats 
2:38.90024/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupSemi Final, Group 1 
2:50.16814/03/15Moscow RUSWorld ChampionshipsRanking Races - Heats 
2:54.78724/10/14Dresden GERStarClass 1 (BA-LM-1)-Europa CupHeats, Group 1 
P24/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsSemifinals 
3000 meter
5:30.27425/01/15Dordrecht NEDEuropean ChampionshipsFinals, Final A 
3000 meter relay
4:21.40819/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupFinal, A 
(Mix Team: Asia Antonioli, Anna Seidel, Agne Sereikaite, Bianca Walter)
4:25.43818/10/14Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupHeats 
(Mix Team: Asia Antonioli, Anna Seidel, Agne Sereikaite, Bianca Walter)


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