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Biographical data for:   HOLWERDA, Jorn

Name: Holwerda, Jorn
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 6 December 2000
Age: 17
Age Category: Junior B (2017/2018)
Club: Shorttrackvereniging Groningen e.o., Groningen
UPID: STNED10612200001
Graphs: 2017/2018 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017
Season 2017/2018

Personal records:
333 meter37.06231/10/15Amsterdam NEDKNSB Cup-2
500 meter45.62911/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)
777 meter1:21.80113/01/18Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5
1000 meter1:35.20718/03/18Utrecht NEDNational Junior Championships Netherlands
1500 meter2:27.20410/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)

Classifications in season 2017/2018:
29/07/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyJunior B Men
    Overall Ranking: 12th,   500 meter: 11th,   1000 meter: 9th
02/09/17Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 1Divisie D
    Overall Ranking: 15th,   1000 meter: 15th
14/10/17Zoetermeer NEDKNSB Cup 2Divisie C
    Overall Ranking: 1st,   1500 meter: 1st
22/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentMen Junior A/B
    Overall Ranking: 9th,   500 meter: 9th,   1000 meter: 8th
05/11/17Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 3Divisie C
    Overall Ranking: 5th,   500 meter: 5th
10/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Men Junior B
    Overall Ranking: 21st,   500 meter: 29th,   1000 meter: 16th,   1500 meter: 24th
13/01/18Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 16th,   1000 meter: 16th
09/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Men Junior B
    Overall Ranking: 20th,   500 meter: 24th,   1000 meter: 15th,   1500 meter: 17th
17/02/18Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 6Divisie A
    Overall Ranking: 23rd,   1500 meter: 23rd
17/03/18Utrecht NEDNational Junior Championships NetherlandsHeren Junioren B
    Overall Ranking: 12th,   500 meter: 12th,   1000 meter: 11th,   1500 meter: 12th
23/03/18Groningen NEDClubwedstrijd STGJunioren/Senioren
    Overall Ranking: 2nd,   500 meter: 2nd,   1000 meter: 2nd

Results in season 2017/2018:
500 meter
45.62911/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Semi Finals, Group 4 
46.26910/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Semi Final, Group 3 
46.66110/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Heats, Group 1 
46.67610/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Final, Group 6 
46.69718/03/18Utrecht NEDNational Junior Championships NetherlandsHeats 
46.82005/11/17Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 3Heats, Groep 1 
46.82711/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Final, Group 7Video
47.07505/11/17Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 3Halve Finales, Groep 1 
47.13704/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyFinal, Group 3 
47.18704/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyHeats, Group 1 
47.22710/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
47.32122/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentFinal, Group 3 
47.65011/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
47.91509/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Heats, Group 1 
48.50622/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentSemi Final, Group 2 
48.68822/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentHeats, Group 1 
49.7823/03/18Groningen NEDClubwedstrijd STGFinale, Groep 1 
50.9223/03/18Groningen NEDClubwedstrijd STGHalve Finales, Groep 1 
51.0123/03/18Groningen NEDClubwedstrijd STGHeats, Groep 1 
58.98604/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyQuarter Finals, Group 1 
1:12.87205/11/17Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 3Finale, Groep 1 
777 meter
1:21.80113/01/18Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Heats, Groep 1 
1:34.84002/09/17Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 1Heats, Groep 1 
1000 meter
1:35.20718/03/18Utrecht NEDNational Junior Championships NetherlandsHeats 
1:35.47311/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Final, Group 4 
1:35.92322/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentFinal, Group 2 
1:36.31812/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Semi Finals, Group 2 
1:37.45011/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Semi Final, Group 2 
1:37.55410/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
1:38.49102/09/17Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 1Halve Finale, Groep 2 
1:41.73205/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyHeats, Group 1 
1:42.13813/01/18Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Halve Finale, Groep 2 
1:42.30113/01/18Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Finale, Groep 4 
1:42.58610/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Heats, Group 1 
1:43.36517/02/18Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 6Heats, Groep 1 
1:44.1123/03/18Groningen NEDClubwedstrijd STGFinale, Groep 1 
1:46.42514/10/17Zoetermeer NEDKNSB Cup 2Heats, Groep 1 
1:46.89105/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyFinal, Group 3 
1:46.99011/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Heats, Group 1 
1:51.34912/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Final, Group 4Video
1500 meter
2:27.20410/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Final, Group 4Video
2:30.32017/03/18Utrecht NEDNational Junior Championships NetherlandsHeats 
2:30.37817/03/18Utrecht NEDNational Junior Championships NetherlandsFinale, B 
2:32.33417/02/18Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 6Finale, Groep 4 
2:33.85910/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Semi Finals, Group 2 
2:34.00510/11/17Davos SUIStarclass 2 (SAB-1)Heats, Group 1 
2:42.38417/02/18Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 6Halve Finale, Groep 2 
2:46.44809/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Semi Final, Group 1 
2:47.56409/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Final, Group 3 
2:47.59014/10/17Zoetermeer NEDKNSB Cup 2Halve Finales, Groep 1 
3:04.90509/02/18Leeuwarden NEDStarclass-6 (ABS-3)Heats, Group 1 


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