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Biographical data for:   WILTING, Melvin

Name: Wilting, Melvin
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 22 September 2002
Age: 14
Age Category: Junior C (2016/2017)
Club: Nijmeegse Schaatsvereniging, Nijmegen
UPID: STNED12209200201
Graphs: 2016/2017 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2011/2012
Season 2012/2013
Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017

Personal records:
222 meter27.74519/04/14Gent BEL34th Easter Cup - Golden Sun Award
333 meter36.08530/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup
500 meter49.26026/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)
777 meter1:16.92330/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)
1000 meter1:37.79730/11/99Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NED
1500 meter2:39.86611/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6

Classifications in season 2016/2017:
30/07/16Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack SummercampJunior C Boys
    Overall Ranking: 13th,   500 meter: 16th,   1000 meter: 10th
24/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Divisie F
    Overall Ranking: 1st,   1000 meter: 1st
30/09/16Amsterdam NEDOpen Dutch Speed ChallengeDivisie B
    Overall Ranking: 3rd,   500 meter: 3rd
08/10/16Turnhout BELOpening GamesMen Junior C
    Overall Ranking: 9th,   500 meter: 7th,   1000 meter: 7th
15/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Divisie E
    Overall Ranking: 10th,   500 meter: 10th
28/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Men Junior C
    Overall Ranking: 28th,   500 meter: 29th,   1000 meter: 22nd,   1500 meter: 28th
12/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Divisie D
    Overall Ranking: 2nd,   1500 meter: 2nd
20/11/16Eindhoven NEDBeneluxcup-1Jun C
    1000 meter: 3rd
25/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Men Junior C
    Overall Ranking: 25th,   500 meter: 23rd,   1000 meter: 27th,   1500 meter: 24th
11/12/16Kockelscheuer LUXBeneluxcup-2Jun C/D 1
    Overall Ranking: 7th,   500 meter: 9th,   1000 meter: 5th
17/12/16Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 4Divisie C
    Overall Ranking: 11th,   1000 meter: 11th
14/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Divisie D
    Overall Ranking: 9th,   500 meter: 9th
20/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Men Junior C
    Overall Ranking: 17th,   500 meter: 17th,   1000 meter: 16th,   1500 meter: 19th
11/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 22nd,   1500 meter: 22nd
04/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeren Junioren C
    Overall Ranking: 15th,   500 meter: 16th,   777 meter: 19th,   1000 meter: 11th
26/03/17Nijmegen NEDFinale Benelux-cupJun C/D 1
    500 meter: 13th,   1000 meter: 2nd
15/04/17Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Men Junior C
    Overall Ranking: 6th,   500 m: 15th,   777 m: 4th,   1000 m: 5th
22/04/17Turnhout BELClosing Games (Golden Sun-Silver M)Men Junior C/B
    Overall Ranking: 9th,   500 meter: 9th,   1000 meter: 9th,   1500 meter: 9th

Results in season 2016/2017:
500 meter
49.26026/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Semi Finals, Group 3 
49.5111/12/16Kockelscheuer LUXBeneluxcup-2Finale, Groep 3 
49.55821/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
49.58021/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Semi Finals, Group 3 
49.61626/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
49.64526/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Final, Group 6Video
49.65921/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Final, Group 5Video
49.88620/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Heats, Group 1 
49.90230/11/99Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
49.97325/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Heats, Group 1 
50.27214/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Heats, Groep 1 
50.3011/12/16Kockelscheuer LUXBeneluxcup-2Halve Finales, Groep 2 
50.35929/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
50.39914/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Halve Finale, Groep 1 
50.51505/08/16Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack SummercampSemi Final, Group 2 
50.68628/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group 1 
50.79605/08/16Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack SummercampHeats, Group 1 
50.85630/09/16Amsterdam NEDOpen Dutch Speed ChallengeFinal, Groep 1 
50.87130/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Final, Group 4 
50.91230/09/16Amsterdam NEDOpen Dutch Speed ChallengeSemi Final, Groep 1 
50.91422/04/17Turnhout BELClosing Games (Golden Sun-Silver M)Final, Group 3 
51.30030/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Semi Finals, Group 2 
51.54714/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Finale, Groep 2 
51.57115/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Halve Finale, Groep 1 
51.59222/04/17Turnhout BELClosing Games (Golden Sun-Silver M)Heats, Group 1 
51.71329/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group 4 
51.77408/10/16Turnhout BELOpening GamesHeats, Group 1 
51.78530/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Heats, Group 1 
51.83830/09/16Amsterdam NEDOpen Dutch Speed ChallengeHeats, Groep 1 
51.89629/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group 7Video
51.93708/10/16Turnhout BELOpening GamesFinal, Group 3 
52.07615/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Heats, Groep 1 
52.2511/12/16Kockelscheuer LUXBeneluxcup-2Heats, Groep 1 
52.46615/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Finale, Groep 2 
52.5730/11/99Nijmegen NEDFinale Benelux-cupFinale, Groep 4 
53.3930/11/99Nijmegen NEDFinale Benelux-cupHeats, Groep 1 
P05/08/16Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack SummercampFinal, Group 4Video
777 meter
1:16.92330/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Final, Group 1 
1:18.22430/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Heats, Group 1 
1:19.99630/11/99Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
1:21.02424/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Heats, Groep 1 
1:22.25730/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Semi Finals, Group 1 
1000 meter
1:37.79730/11/99Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHalve Finale 
1:38.89530/11/99Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
1:39.65917/12/16Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 4Heats, Groep 1 
1:40.3820/11/16Eindhoven NEDBeneluxcup-1Finale, Groep 1 
1:40.61217/12/16Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 4Finale, Groep 3 
1:41.19922/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Semi Finals, Group 2 
1:42.68317/12/16Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 4Halve Finale, Groep 2 
1:42.89326/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
1:42.90920/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Heats, Group 1 
1:42.93721/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Heats, Group 1 
1:42.95127/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Final, Group 7Video
1:43.0020/11/16Eindhoven NEDBeneluxcup-1Heats, Groep 1 
1:43.2520/11/16Eindhoven NEDBeneluxcup-1Halve Finales, Groep 1 
1:43.44312/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Heats, Groep 1 
1:43.62929/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
1:43.68325/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Final, Group 5 
1:43.85922/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Final, Group 4Video
1:44.32820/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Semi Finals, Group 2 
1:44.35806/08/16Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack SummercampHeats, Group 1 
1:44.43325/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Semi Finals, Group 2 
1:44.97930/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group 3 
1:45.4711/12/16Kockelscheuer LUXBeneluxcup-2Super Final, Groep 2 
1:45.59908/10/16Turnhout BELOpening GamesHeats, Group 1 
1:45.67620/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Final, Group 4Video
1:46.02828/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group 2 
1:46.20306/08/16Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack SummercampFinal, Group 3Video
1:46.26328/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group 1 
1:46.27622/04/17Turnhout BELClosing Games (Golden Sun-Silver M)Heats, Group 1 
1:46.73611/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Heats, Groep 1 
1:47.32722/04/17Turnhout BELClosing Games (Golden Sun-Silver M)Final, Group 3 
1:48.13808/10/16Turnhout BELOpening GamesFinal, Group 2 
1:48.2830/11/99Nijmegen NEDFinale Benelux-cupHeats, Groep 1 
1:48.37430/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Superfinal, Group 1 
1:48.76806/08/16Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack SummercampQuarter Finals, Group 1 
1:48.86529/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group 1 
1:50.52424/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Finale, Groep 1 
1:50.9330/11/99Nijmegen NEDFinale Benelux-cupFinale, Groep 1 
1:52.32826/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Heats, Group 1 
1:53.22921/01/17Rostock GERStarClass-5 (CD-3)Quarter Finals, Group 1 
1:58.36924/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Halve Finale, Groep 1 
2:00.43128/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group 5 
2:03.37925/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Heats, Group 1 
2:07.96230/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group 6Video
2:09.4130/11/99Nijmegen NEDFinale Benelux-cupHalve Finales, Groep 1 
P27/11/16Dresden GERStarClass-3 (CD-2)Semi Finals, Group 3 
1500 meter
2:39.86611/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Finale, Groep 4 
2:52.79812/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Halve Finale, Groep 1 
2:56.06011/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Halve Finales, Groep 2 
2:57.49022/04/17Turnhout BELClosing Games (Golden Sun-Silver M)Super Final, Group 2 
2:58.21712/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Finale, Groep 1 
2000 meter relay
3:19.08130/11/99Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)Final, Group 1 
(Nijmeegse SV 1: Steijn Koops, Jens Ruijs, Marcel Valize, Melvin Wilting)
3000 meter relay
51.57611/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Finale, Groep 1 
(Team I: Syb Koot, Anne Floor Otter, Marijn Wiersma, Melvin Wilting)
4:48.37814/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Finale, Groep 1 
(K: Esmee Roes, Henk van Atten, Max van Wijk, Melvin Wilting)
4:50.94612/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Finale, Groep 1 
(Team H: Pepijn Koestal, Henk van Atten, Michelle Velzeboer, Melvin Wilting)
4:58.85930/11/99Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
(Nijmeegse SV: Teun Boer, Steijn Koops, Jens Ruijs, Melvin Wilting)
5:00.2030/11/99Nijmegen NEDFinale Benelux-cupHeats, Groep 1 
(TEAM L: Daan Kos, Marcel Valize, Melvin Wilting, Arthur Zijlstra)
5:06.09917/12/16Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup 4Heats, Groep 1 
(MIXC3: Nina Hogeveen, Henk van Atten, Xandra Velzeboer, Melvin Wilting)
5:06.34622/04/17Turnhout BELClosing Games (Golden Sun-Silver M)Final 
(Nijmeegse SV: Steijn Koops, Jens Ruijs, Melvin Wilting, Arthur Zijlstra)


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