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Biographical data for:   GRASSOW, Tina

Name: Grassow, Tina
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 1 May 1988
Age: 29
Age Category: Senior (2017/2018)
Home Country: Germany
Club: Eislaufverein Dresden e.V., Dresden
UPID: STGER20105198801
Graphs: 2017/2018 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2003/2004
Season 2004/2005
Season 2005/2006
Season 2006/2007
Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2012/2013
Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017

Personal records:
500 meter44.13806/02/15Dresden GERWorld Cup
1000 meter1:30.67521/10/12Calgary CANSamsung ISU World Cup
1500 meter2:26.05005/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World Cup
3000 meter5:32.31416/12/07Dresden GEROlympic Day StarClass

Classifications in season 2016/2017:
02/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Ladies Jun.A+Senior
    Overall Ranking: 5th,   500 meter: 3rd,   1000 meter: 12th,   1500 meter: 5th
07/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Damen
    Overall Ranking: 3rd,   500 meter: 2nd,   1000 meter: 2nd,   1500 meter: 3rd,   1500 m SF: 3rd
03/02/17Dresden GERISU Worldcup-5Ladies
    500 m: 30th

Results in season 2016/2017:
500 meter
45.19105/02/17Dresden GERISU Worldcup-5Rep. Heats 
45.47203/02/17Dresden GERISU Worldcup-5Heats 
46.00107/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Final, Group 1 
47.04807/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Heats, Group 1 
47.19803/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Final, Group 1Video
47.64303/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Quarter Finals, Group 1 
48.54202/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Heats, Group 1 
1:17.89503/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Semi Finals, Group 1 
1000 meter
1:32.09408/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Final, Group 1 
1:40.97003/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Heats, Group 1 
1:44.38403/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Quarter Finals, Group 1 
1:47.44602/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Heats, Group 1 
1:47.93408/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Heats, Group 1 
P04/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Final, Group 3 
1500 meter
2:35.18202/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Semi Finals, Group 1 
2:41.62908/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Super Final, Group 1 
2:43.76107/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Final, Group 1 
3:02.66802/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Final, Group 1Video
3000 meter relay
4:21.29208/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Final, Group 1 
(Team 1: Anna Beiser, Tina Grassow, Gina Jacobs, Bianca Walter)
4:26.67203/02/17Dresden GERISU Worldcup-5Heats 
(GERMANY: Tina Grassow, Gina Jacobs, Anna Seidel, Bianca Walter)


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