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Biographical data for:   PARK Jiyun

Name: Park Jiyun
Gender: Female
Age Category: Senior (2023/2024)
Home Country: Republic of Korea
Graphs: 2023/2024 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2021/2022
Season 2022/2023
Season 2023/2024

Personal records:
500 meter42.97011/12/22Almaty KAZISU Worldcup-3
1000 meter1:29.99410/12/22Almaty KAZISU Worldcup-3
1500 meter2:20.82609/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5

Classifications in season 2023/2024:
20/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Women
    500 m: 16th,   1000 m (1): 8th
27/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Women
    500 m: 8th,   1000 m: 3rd
08/12/23Beijing CHNISU World Cup 3Women
    500 m (2): 18th,   1500 m: 19th
15/12/23Seoul KORISU World Cup 4Women
    500 m: 17th,   1500 m (1): 5th
09/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Women
    1000 m (2): 6th,   1500 m: 6th
16/02/24Gdansk POLISU World Cup 6Women
    1000 m: 4th,   1500 m: 19th

Results in season 2023/2024:
500 meter
43.27408/12/23Beijing CHNISU World Cup 3Heats 
43.79522/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Quarterfinals 
43.85622/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Rep. Quarterfinals 
43.87827/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Heats 
44.02728/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Finals, Final B 
44.28528/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Quarterfinals 
44.34815/12/23Seoul KORISU World Cup 4Heats 
44.46022/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Rep. Semifinals 
45.58728/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Semifinals 
58.48417/12/23Seoul KORISU World Cup 4Quarterfinals 
1:01.39520/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Heats 
1000 meter
1:30.58609/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Heats 
1:30.70521/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Quarterfinals 
1:30.87129/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Quarterfinals 
1:31.23011/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Semifinals 
1:31.50529/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Finals, Final A 
1:31.54420/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Heats 
1:31.72218/02/24Gdansk POLISU World Cup 6Semifinals 
1:31.77221/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Semifinals 
1:31.78827/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Heats 
1:31.87011/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Finals, Final B 
1:32.51118/02/24Gdansk POLISU World Cup 6Quarterfinals 
1:32.51711/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Quarterfinals 
1:33.48818/02/24Gdansk POLISU World Cup 6Finals, Final A 
1:34.58016/02/24Gdansk POLISU World Cup 6Heats 
1:38.20629/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Semifinals 
1:42.97421/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Finals, Final B 
1500 meter
2:20.82609/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Quarterfinals 
2:27.84210/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Semifinals 
2:30.71208/12/23Beijing CHNISU World Cup 3Quarterfinals 
2:36.87616/12/23Seoul KORISU World Cup 4Finals, Final A 
2:40.94216/02/24Gdansk POLISU World Cup 6Quarterfinals 
2:47.19010/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Finals, Final A 
2:50.71715/12/23Seoul KORISU World Cup 4Quarterfinals 
3000 meter relay
4:07.83110/12/23Beijing CHNISU World Cup 3Finals, Final A 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Lee So-Youn, Park Jiyun, Shim Suk Hee)
4:10.58315/03/24Rotterdam NEDISU World ChampionshipsQuarterfinals 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Lee So-Youn, Park Jiyun, Shim Suk Hee)
4:10.97928/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 2Semifinals 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Park Jiyun, Seo Whimin, Shim Suk Hee)
4:11.82120/10/23Montreal CANISU World Cup 1Quarterfinals 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Park Jiwon, Park Jiyun, Shim Suk Hee)
4:12.22404/11/23Laval CANISU Four Continents ChampionshipsSemifinals 
(KOREA: Kim A Lang, Lee So-Youn, Park Jiyun, Shim Suk Hee)
4:14.56705/11/23Laval CANISU Four Continents ChampionshipsFinals, Final A 
(KOREA: Lee So-Youn, Park Jiyun, Park Jiwon, Shim Suk Hee)
4:14.65209/02/24Dresden GERISU World Cup 5Quarterfinals 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Park Jiwon, Park Jiyun, Shim Suk Hee)
4:15.85617/03/24Rotterdam NEDISU World ChampionshipsFinals, Final A 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Lee So-Youn, Park Jiyun, Shim Suk Hee)
4:17.19808/12/23Beijing CHNISU World Cup 3Quarterfinals 
(KOREA: Lee So-Youn, Park Jiyun, Park Jiwon, Shim Suk Hee)
4:17.41216/02/24Gdansk POLISU World Cup 6Quarterfinals 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Park Jiyun, Seo Whimin, Shim Suk Hee)
4:19.15815/12/23Seoul KORISU World Cup 4Quarterfinals 
(KOREA: Kim Gilli, Park Jiyun, Park Jiwon, Shim Suk Hee)


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