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This week: ISU Congress

14 June 2024   -   From 10-14 June 2024 the 59th edition of the ISU Congress is held in Las Vegas (USA). More than 250 delegates from 65 countries attended this event. This year’s congress focuses mainly on the regulations of the branches of our sport, modernization of the ISU organization and the presentation of the strategic plan ISU Vision 2030 outlining major growth and innovation marking the start of an exciting and game-changing future.


This week: in memoriam Roland Maillard

24-SOL-Roland Maillard (SWI)-320x420.JPG
14 June 2024   -   Today we received the message that Roland Maillard (SWI) has passed away this morning. Roland has been many years involved in our sport. First in the Swiss Ice Sport Federation, later in the technical committee speed skating of the ISU and many years as council member of the ISU. Roland has done a lot for the development of speed skating and was a great supporter of shorttrack.


This week: Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp

9 June 2024   -   The 13th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will be held from 3 - 10 August 2024. More then 100 hours of Ice time is available for this weeks Ice training and shorttrack competition. Besides the Ice training a number of other sportive activities will take place were also parents and family of skaters can participate. Also clinics will be held for beginning officials like starter, referee and competition administration. It is expected that around 200 skaters from more then 12 nations will attend this event.The entry is open now. Clubs can enter their skaters through the entry page of this website. General information can be found on the website The announcement will be published in a few days.


News Archive

13-Apr-24This week: Unicycle races like shorttrack
31-Mar-24This week: 42nd Easter Cup Gent
24-Mar-24This week: National Championships Belgium
03-Mar-24This week: Awards for StarClass Pontebba
03-Mar-24This week: StarClass Pontebba
24-Feb-24This week: Special Awards at Speculaas Cup
23-Feb-24This week: Speculaas Cup Hasselt
23-Feb-24This week: ISU Junior World cup Relay Men
18-Feb-24This week: ISU Junior World Cup Relay Women
18-Feb-24This week: ISU Junior World Cup Mixed Gender Relay
18-Feb-24This week: ISU Junior World Cup 500m Men
18-Feb-24This week: ISU Junior World Cup 500m women
18-Feb-24This week: ISU Junior World Cup 1500m (2) Men
18-Feb-24This week: Junior World Cup 1500m (2) Women
17-Feb-24This week: Junior World Cup 1000m Men
17-Feb-24This week: Junior World Cup 1000m Women
17-Feb-24This week: Junior World Cup 1500m Men
17-Feb-24This week: Junior World Cup 1500m Women
17-Feb-24This week: ISU Junior World Cup Heerenveen
08-Feb-24ISU World Cup Dresden
05-Feb-24StarClass Nijmegen with big number of skaters
03-Feb-24Results Winter Youth Olympic Games
14-Jan-24Chinese National Winter Games
11-Jan-24Winter World Masters Games Bormio
01-Jan-24Happy New Year
03-Dec-23Junior World Cup Mixed Relay
03-Dec-23Junior World Cup 2 Men 500 m (2)
03-Dec-23Junior World Cup 500m (2) Women
03-Dec-23Junior World Cup 1000m Men
03-Dec-23Junior World Cup Women 1000m
02-Dec-23Junior World Cup Leeuwarden
11-Nov-23StarClass series starts in Oberstdorf
10-Sep-23Competition Calendar updated
23-Jul-23Confirmations Summercamp Oberstdorf
22-Jul-23Urgent request
07-Jul-23Urgent message Oberstdorf Summercamp
30-Jun-23Entry Oberstdorf Summercamp closes!
28-May-23Oberstdorf Summercamp on full speed now
30-Apr-23Masters International Short Track Games Amsterdam
05-Apr-23Entry system open again
31-Mar-23Website changing to new Data Center
24-Mar-23European Final for the ISU Junior Challenge
24-Mar-23Europa Cup Final Danubia - StarClass
13-Mar-23Entry for Europa Cup Final closed on 14th
03-Mar-23Golden Sun Award - Silver M for Masters
03-Mar-23Speculaascup Hasselt
28-Feb-23Technical malfunction
18-Feb-23Live stream video from Bergamo
12-Feb-23In memoriam Gialt Biesma
22-Jan-23European Youth Olympic Festival - Pontebbe
22-Jan-23Last day of Universiade Lake Placid
21-Jan-23Universiade Lake Placid
20-Jan-23Schulting and Park leading Super Prestige
18-Jan-23Final Junior Challenge to new location
02-Jan-23Promotion campaign for MIST Games started
31-Dec-22Happy New Year
30-Dec-22Jeroen Otter Coach of the Year
07-Dec-222nd StarClass Juniors CD Hasselt
03-Dec-22First time live results from Norway
21-Nov-22ISU Junior Challenge Torino
12-Nov-22Birthday Cake at StarClass Rostock
11-Nov-22StarClass Rostock Photo Album
09-Nov-22Video StarClass Rostock now on WebTV
05-Nov-22StarClass series started in Rostock
28-Oct-22Zero False Start Test at Worldcup Montreal
25-Oct-22World Cup series start in Montreal
29-Aug-22New season about to begin
12-Jul-22Attention Special request for Summercamp
02-Jul-22Entry Oberstdorf Summercamp closed
27-Jun-22Entry Summercamp will close soon!
15-May-22Entry Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp on full speed
22-Mar-22EYOF Vuokatti Arena
22-Mar-22Meet with Mascot Quukkel
22-Mar-22EYOF 2021 Vuokatti - Finland
07-Mar-22Worldchampionships Montreal postponed
11-Jan-22Entry Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp
11-Jan-22Old Frieslandcup Results uploaded
03-Jan-22Poutsma - Hoogerwerf Dutch Champion
01-Jan-22A new year hopefully many competitions
01-Jan-22National Championships Netherlands
25-Dec-21Merry Christmas
22-Dec-21This week: StarClass Oberstdorf postponed
21-Dec-21European Championships cancelled
29-Nov-21Universiade Luzern cancelled
29-Nov-21StarClass Luzern cancelled
09-Nov-21StarClass series continues in Bergamo
23-Oct-21StarClass season started in Amsterdam
23-Oct-21Skate-Tec awards StarClass Amsterdam
23-Oct-21StarClass Amsterdam Skate-Tec Awards
23-Oct-21StarClass Amsterdam video & photos uploaded
30-Jun-21Entry Oberstdorf Summercamp closes
28-Jun-21Knighthood for James Hewish
15-Jun-21Entry Oberstdorf Summercamp on full speed
21-Apr-21EYOF moved to new date!
21-Apr-21Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp
01-Apr-21No anniversary edition Easter Tournement yet
30-Mar-21In Memoriam Juraj Valach
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: End of European Championships
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation Relay Men
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation Relay Ladies
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation Overall Men
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation Overall Ladies
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation 1000m Men
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation 1000m Ladies
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: 5000m Relay Men for Netherlands
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: 3000m Relay final Ladies for France
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Pietro Sighel winner 3000m. Super Final
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Sofia Prosvirnova wins 3000 m. Superfinal
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Semen Elistratov winner 1000m.
24-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Suzanne Schulting wins 1000 meter
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation 500m Men
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation 500m Ladies
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation 1500m Men
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Award Presentation 1500m Ladies
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Konstantin Ivliev winner 500m.
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: 500m Final for Suzanne Schulting
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: last race Quarter Finals 500m Men
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Semen Elistratov winner 1500 m.
23-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Suzanne Schulting winner 1500 m.
22-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: 25th Anniversary European Championships
22-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: Hala Olivia Arena Gdansk
21-Jan-21EC-Gdansk: European Championships Poland
13-Nov-20Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
09-Nov-20Country Match Belgium-France-Netherlands 1987
08-Nov-20World Championships 1985 on WebTV
07-Nov-20Jimmy Lynch first World Champion
06-Nov-20ISU Championships Solihull 1978 on WEB-TV
05-Nov-20Open Dutch Amsterdam 1977 on WebTV
04-Nov-20Updates in Calendar
19-Oct-20Cancellation StarClass Bormio, Rostock
13-Oct-20StarClass Hasselt cancelled
13-Oct-20Beneluxcup Hasselt cancelled
09-Oct-20New Icerink for Frogner stadium Oslo
08-Oct-20Olympic Winter Games 2026
30-Sep-20Cancelled competitions
20-Sep-20Video Summercamp Trophy Oberstdorf
20-Sep-20Annie Sarrat coach National Team France
18-Sep-20Competition Calendar 20-21 updated
18-Sep-20Victor Ahn coach for China
13-Sep-20Water Fun winners Oberstdorf Summercamp
09-Sep-20ISU announced Worldcups 5 and 6
08-Sep-20Competition Calendar 2020-2021
20-Jun-20Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2020 will be held
04-Apr-20Price Question with review of the season
27-Feb-20StarClass Groningen now on Web-TV
22-Feb-20Last StarClass of the season
27-Jan-20Schulting and Liu European Champion
16-Jan-20StarClass serie Overall winners
15-Jan-20StarClass-Junior Challenge Epinal succesfull
14-Jan-20Winter World Masters Games Innsbruck
13-Jan-20Video StarClass Epinal on WEB-TV
10-Jan-20StarClass-Junior Challenge Epinal
02-Jan-20Happy New Year 2020
31-Dec-19Boutin and Park leading Super Prestige
25-Dec-19We wish you a Merry Christmas in Snow, Rain or Hot Summer
22-Dec-19Video StarClass Torino now on Web-TV
11-Dec-19StarClass Torino
25-Nov-19StarClass Lommel very good very cold
23-Nov-19StarClass Lommel
17-Nov-19Succesfull StarClass in Lausanne
14-Nov-192nd StarClass in Lausanne
24-Oct-19StarClass season starts in Bergamo
19-Sep-19StarClass and Youth Olympics in Lausanne
18-Sep-1910 years WEB-TV by shorttrackonline
17-Sep-19StarClass Leeuwarden 2018 on Web-TV
07-Sep-19Winter season coming up soon now
06-Sep-19Oberstdorf Summercamp Trophy on Web-TV
27-Jun-19Entry Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp
27-Jun-19Summertime jobs to do
29-Apr-19Calendar meeting in Dresden
24-Apr-19ISU Junior Challenge Rostock
24-Apr-19Europacup final of Danubia and StarClass series
24-Apr-19Rostock, Gent and Leeuwarden on WEB-TV
17-Apr-19World Masters Games Melbourne
15-Apr-19World Masters Games now on WEB-TV
09-Apr-19Masters Shorttrack in Melbourne
22-Mar-19Europacup and Junior Challenge live stream Rostock
09-Mar-19World Championships in Sofia
13-Feb-19Super Prestige for Schulting - Gun Woo Kim
13-Feb-19StarClass - Junior Challenge season closed succesfull in Bergamo
04-Feb-19Suzanne Schulting-Shaoang Liu leading Super Prestige World Ranking Classification
28-Jan-19World Junior Championships in Montreal
28-Jan-19Seo (KOR) and Chang (CHN) winners 1500m
28-Jan-19Biney (USA) and Kim (KOR) winners 500m
28-Jan-19Park (KOR) - Heeney (CAN) winners 1000m
28-Jan-19Relay Championships Ladies for Korea
28-Jan-19Relay Men Championships for China
23-Jan-19StarClass Junior CD Lommel real development!
22-Jan-19Video StarClass Lommel now on Web-TV
21-Jan-19Video Alta Valtellina Trophy now on Web-TV
13-Jan-19European Relay title for Netherlands and Hungary
13-Jan-19Suzanne Schulting - Shaolin Sandor Liu European Overall Champions
10-Jan-19Juniors C/D/Seniors to Europacup Final
10-Jan-19First Championships Baden-Württemberg
10-Jan-19StarClass Dresden now on WEB-TV
09-Jan-19European Championships Dordrecht
09-Jan-19StarClass Hasselt now on WEB-TV
09-Jan-19Lara van Ruijven - Daan Breeuwsma National Overall Champion the Netherlands
08-Jan-19StarClass Bormio now on WEB-TV
05-Jan-19Happy New Year
05-Jan-19StarClass Heerenveen now on WEB-TV
31-Dec-18New Competition Open EBW Cup-Germany
29-Dec-18National Championships Belgium on WEB-TV
26-Dec-18Hanne DeSmet and Stijn DeSmet National Overall Champion Belgium
12-Dec-18Shaoang Liu takes lead in Super Prestige
05-Dec-18Heerenveen ready for StarClass
04-Dec-18Super Prestige again Schulting and Wu
25-Nov-18Big StarClass competition Bormio
23-Nov-18StarClass Hasselt top event
22-Nov-18Invitation Cup Heerenveen
21-Nov-18Entry System website back on full service
20-Nov-18Request to clubs with entries for StarClass Bormio
18-Nov-18Server crash datacenter Shorttrackonline
30-Oct-18Shorttrackonline Super Prestige World Ranking Classification
27-Aug-17Lifetime Achiefment Award Janos Hernadi
27-May-17Entry Oberstdorf Summercamp on full speed
01-May-17Calendar meeting Short Track in Paris
27-Apr-176th Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp
27-Apr-17Europacup Final now on WEB-TV
29-Mar-17Europacup Final Hasselt very succesfull
28-Mar-17Banner for Organisers Europacup Final
24-Mar-17Europacup Final has started
26-Feb-17Video StarClass Torino on Web-TV
24-Feb-17You Skate - They Count
14-Feb-17Erzurum dedicated to the EYOF
13-Feb-17European Youth Olympic Festival Erzurum
11-Feb-17ISU World Cup Minsk
05-Feb-17Sjinkie Knegt wins 1500(2) in Dresden
04-Feb-17Thibaut Fauconnet (FRA) wins 1000m Men
04-Feb-17Marianne St-Gelais (CAN) wins 1000m Worldcup Dresden
04-Feb-17Charles Hamelin (CAN) wins 1500m Worldcup Dresden
04-Feb-17Kim Boutin (CAN) wins 1500m Worldcup Dresden
04-Feb-1728th Winter Universiade Almaty
04-Feb-17ISU World Cup Dresden
26-Jan-17ISU World Junior Championships
27-Dec-16A happy and healthy new shorttrack year for you all
06-Dec-16ISU StarClass Utrecht very successful
29-Oct-16StarClass Series started in Bolzano
21-Oct-1625 years Alta Valtellina Trophy Bormio
09-Oct-16Live stream video for Invitation Cup Leeuwarden
13-Jul-16Last day entry for Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp
27-Feb-16StarClass series ends in Albertville
21-Jan-16European Championships Sochi
12-Jan-16StarClass Nottingham Robin Hood and 3000 kids
19-Dec-15First Qatar Short Track Cup
05-Dec-15StarClass Hasselt
29-Nov-15StarClass Malm record number of skaters
25-Oct-15ISU seminar for Starters in Torino
09-Oct-15Open Dutch Shorttrack very big this year
29-Aug-15Web-TV by
27-Aug-15Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp succesful
23-Jun-15Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2015
20-Mar-15Europa Cup Finale Oberstdorf
12-Mar-15ISU World Championships Moscow
31-Jan-15Sjinkie Knegt honoured at StarClass
31-Jan-15StarClass Heerenveen
10-Jan-15StarClass Nottingham 3000 kids in stands
05-Jan-15Ruijven and Knegt Dutch Champion
04-Jan-15New Overall Awards StarClass Nottingham
03-Jan-15Skaters pictures on Shorttrackonline
10-Dec-14World Cup Shorttrack Shanghai
05-Dec-14StarClass Hasselt
01-Dec-14StarClass Grenoble succesfull competition
30-Nov-14Skaters pictures on Shorttrackonline
14-Nov-14ISU World Cup in Montreal
10-Nov-14World Record for Kexin Fan on 500m.
08-Nov-14World Cup season starts in Salt Lake
06-Nov-14IHCL winner 26th Autumn Tournement
29-Oct-14StarClass season has started in Dresden
19-Oct-14Great Britain and Hungary winners Invitation Cup
10-Oct-14Trias winner Open Dutch
25-Sep-14Wedding Shorttrack Referee with Skater
24-Sep-14Season West Europe starts with Open Dutch
13-Sep-14ISU Officials seminar in Frankfurt
08-Sep-14Photos Oberstdorf Summercamp uploaded
23-Jul-14Ready for Shorttrack Summercamp
15-Jul-14Good news for statisticians
13-Jul-14Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2014
27-May-14Silver for British Champions
04-May-14Calendar meeting Short Track in Porec
08-Mar-14Shower of World records in Erzurum
08-Mar-14India present in Erzurum with motivated team
07-Mar-14World Junior Championships Erzurum
24-Feb-14Olympic Games Sochi closed
07-Feb-14Olympic Flame
07-Feb-14Olympic Stadium ready for opening ceremony
01-Feb-14Olympic Winter Games Sochi
29-Dec-13Nottinghamshire Junior British Open
23-Dec-13Merry Christmas
03-Dec-1375 Years Mannheimer ERC
25-Nov-13Successfull Speciallympics in Utrecht
23-Nov-13Starclass Oberstdorf
21-Oct-13Autumn Tournament Groningen
16-Oct-13Successfull Speciallympics in Utrecht
14-Oct-13StarClass Novice and Junior-C in Dordrecht
10-Oct-13StarClass series has started in Bolzano
24-Sep-13Danubia Series started with Austrian Open in Vienna
24-Aug-13Helmet covers ready for the season
24-Aug-13Summercamp Oberstdorf very succesfull
27-Jun-13Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp Trophy
30-Mar-1333th edition of the Easter Tournement Gent
15-Mar-13Junior Europe Cup Final Baselga
25-Feb-13Junior World Championships Men
25-Feb-13World Junior Championship Ladies
19-Feb-13EYOF Relay for France
19-Feb-13EYOF 1000m Men for Emil Imre
19-Feb-13EYOF 1000m Ladies for Prosvirnova
18-Feb-13EYOF 500m Men for Denis Ayrapetyan
18-Feb-13EYOF 500m Ladies for Sofia Prosvirnova
17-Feb-13EYOF 1500m Men for Tristan Navarro
17-Feb-13EYOF 1500m Ladies won by Prosvirnova
16-Feb-13European Youth Olympic Festival 2013 Brasov
16-Feb-13The 2013 EYOF logo Brasov
16-Feb-13The EYOF Mascot
31-Jan-13Speculaas Cup Hasselt
17-Jan-13ISU European Championships Malm
31-Dec-12Merry Christmas and New Year from Belfort -France
29-Dec-12Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
11-Dec-12StarClass Munich Novices and Juniors C
27-Nov-122nd Military World Games with Short Track
08-Nov-12StarClass SAB started in Dresden
20-Oct-12Competition season West Europe started
28-Aug-12ISU seminar for officials
27-Aug-12World University Games
16-Apr-12Silver "M" for best Masters
16-Apr-12Golden Sun Awards at Closing Games
10-Apr-12Easter Tournement Gent
03-Apr-12Open Dutch Shorttrack for Brugge
30-Mar-12Robert Seifert supports his club
18-Mar-12Junior Europa Cup 2012
28-Feb-12Officials at Worldchampionships Juniors
22-Feb-12World Juniors in Melbourne
03-Feb-12Strong Europeans for Italy and Netherlands
25-Jan-12ISU European Championships
15-Jan-12Succesful StarClass Competition in Grenoble
01-Jan-12Happy New Year
01-Jan-12New Year in Budapest
01-Jan-12New Year wish from Australia
01-Jan-12New Year on Ice in Mexico
01-Jan-12New Year wish Potomac Speedskating Club
01-Jan-12Seasons wishes from Australia
24-Dec-11Merry Christmas
12-Dec-11Fast races in StarClass Oberstdorf
05-Dec-11Oberstdorf ready for StarClass
17-Nov-11StarClass for Seniors and Juniors-AB in Hasselt Belgium
19-Oct-11Korean Air World Cup Series starts in Utah
07-Oct-11StarClass series has started in Bormio
23-Jun-11Entry open for 30th edition Trophe Lon Quaglia
25-Apr-11The winners of the Golden Sun Award
25-Apr-11New Certified Short Track Officials Belgium
24-Apr-11Eastercup Gent for Schaverdijn Hasselt
24-Apr-1131st Edition of Eastercup in Gent (BEL)
18-Apr-11First Silver M for Masters in Turnhout
17-Apr-11Open Dutch Shorttrack for SV-Utrecht (NED)
16-Mar-11Succesfull World Championships Sheffield
10-Mar-11World Short Track Championships Sheffield
28-Feb-11Junior Europa Cup Shorttrack in Munich
10-Feb-11Moscow ready for ISU World Cup Short Track
24-Jan-11StarClass series finished with Friesland Cup
22-Jan-11Full stadium at European Championships
12-Jan-11ISU European Championships in Heerenveen
11-Jan-11Succesfull StarClass competition in Odense
18-Dec-10StarClass Novices and Juniors-C
27-Nov-10StarClass series for Seniors/Jun-A/B in Hasselt
17-Nov-10Dutch National competition Jaap Eden Trophy
12-Nov-1019th edition of the Alta Valtellina Trophy
10-Nov-10StarClass Novices and Junior-C starts in Reims
06-Oct-10Dutch Ladies also strongest in Invitation Cup
06-Oct-10Dutch Men strongest in Invitation Cup
28-Apr-1029th edition of Trophe Leon Quaglia
20-Mar-10ISU World Championships in Sofia
06-Mar-10Danubia-StarClass final 2010 Budapest
15-Feb-10Opening Ceremony Vancouver
15-Feb-1021st Olympic Winter Games Vancouver
14-Feb-10Frieslandcup and StarClass with topfield of skaters
28-Dec-09Junior Britsh Open in Nottingham
12-Nov-09ISU World Cup Short Track in Marquette
12-Nov-09Big number of skaters at StarClass Hasselt
07-Nov-09ISU World Cup Montreal with many athletes
07-Nov-09Start of Dutch series in Amsterdam
06-Nov-09Dresden Junior Open & Junior Challenge
28-Oct-09StarClass series for Novices & Juniors-C starts this week in Mannheim
27-Oct-09Worldrecord for McFarlane on 500 meter
17-Oct-0918th edition Alta Valtellina Trophy Bormio
08-Oct-09Opening Games in Turnhout
07-Oct-09Hanse Cup Rostock
01-Oct-09StarClass series starts in Milano
08-Sep-09Germany and Netherlands winner Invitation Cup
07-Sep-09Short Track pictures on Flickr
01-Aug-0928th Trophe Leon Quaglia in Chamonix
16-Jul-09ISU Referee seminar in Budapest
28-May-09European Calender Meeting Short Track in Munich
19-Apr-09Golden Sun Award presented in Turnhout
19-Apr-09Turnhout the seasons Closing Games
12-Apr-0929th Easter Tournement Gent successful
30-Mar-09HVHW winner of Open Dutch Juniors
22-Mar-09Van Doorn and Kerstholt Dutch champions
06-Mar-09Ming-Jung Kim wins 1500 meter
06-Mar-09World Title 1500 meter for Ho-Suk Lee
05-Mar-09World Championships in Vienna
02-Mar-09Future Champions Trophy Amsterdam
20-Feb-09Fast times at Winterfest Calgary
15-Feb-09Public winner at Worldcup Dresden
11-Feb-09Worldcup Short Track in Dresden
06-Feb-09Worldcup Sofia has started
05-Feb-09Succesful competition in Odense
25-Jan-09EV Dresden winner Frieslandcup
23-Jan-09Frieslandcup & StarClass
16-Jan-09European Championships in Torino
09-Jan-09ISU World Junior Championships
31-Dec-08Happy New Year
31-Dec-08ShorttrackOnLine on faster server
25-Nov-08Eurosport starts Poll on wintersports
20-Nov-08StarClass Reims smoothly and under good conditions
09-Nov-08Alta Valtellina Trophy - Bormio
27-Oct-08Korea succesful in ISU Samsung World Cup Vancouver
21-Oct-08New World Records at World Cup in Salt Lake City
20-Oct-08Lenke and Milz winners Hanse Cup
20-Oct-08Samsung ISU World Cup Salt Lake City
13-Oct-08Austrian Open - Vienna Cup 2008
09-Oct-08Starclass has started in Bolzano
29-Sep-08The Hague: Shorttrack-season has started
29-Sep-08The Hague: German Ladies win country-match
03-Aug-08Chamonix: 27th edition of Trophe Quaglia successful
03-Aug-08Chamonix: Perevalo winner of the Ladies
28-May-08Chamonix: 27th edition Trophe Leon Quaglia
06-May-08Calender Meeting Short Track in Bratislava
06-May-08Calender Meeting Bratislava
13-Apr-08Season ends with Closing Games Turnhout
12-Apr-08Season ends with Golden Sun Award
11-Apr-08Meudon Junior Cup
03-Apr-08Who lost this bag in Odense?
29-Mar-08Amsterdam: Open Dutch Juniors
19-Mar-08Impressive sportsman Fabio Carta retires
09-Mar-08Gangneung: Meng Wang World Champion Ladies
01-Mar-08Danish International 2008
25-Feb-08Champions weekend
27-Jan-08Leeuwarden: Friesland Cup for EV Dresden
26-Jan-08Leeuwarden: 500 meter for Walter and Zetzsche
25-Jan-08Leeuwarden: 1500 m. for Wiegers & Westerman
25-Jan-08Leeuwarden: Frieslandcup & Final StartClass
22-Jan-08Ventspils: Relay-title Ladies to Great Britain
20-Jan-08Ventspils: Italy wins Relay-title for Men
20-Jan-08Ventspils: Haralds Silovs gives Latvia a present
20-Jan-08Ventspils: Fontana European Champion
20-Jan-08Ventspils: Radanova wins 1000 meter
20-Jan-08Ventspils: 1000 meter for Niels Kerstholt
19-Jan-08Ventspils: Annita van Doorn first at 500 meter
19-Jan-08Ventspils: 500 meter for John Eley
18-Jan-08Ventspils: 1500 meter for Harald Silovs
18-Jan-08Ventspils: Arianna Fontana wins 1500 meter
17-Jan-08Ventspils: welcome to short track
15-Jan-08Bolzano: Korea showed again its power
15-Jan-08Bolzano: the World Records
15-Jan-08Bolzano: the Ladies
15-Jan-08Bolzano: the Men
15-Jan-08Bolzano: the Relay
12-Jan-08Bolzano: World Juniors at full speed
10-Jan-08Mnchen: Open Junior Challenge
10-Jan-08Bolzano: World Junior Championships
01-Jan-08Happy New Year
31-Dec-07Nottingham: Many Personal Records
29-Dec-07Nottingham: Open British Juniors
16-Dec-07Dresden: succesful Star Class competition
12-Dec-07Dresden: Olympic Days Shorttrack
26-Nov-07Mannheim: Star Class competition shorttrack
26-Nov-07Torino: Samsung ISU Worldcup
25-Nov-07Heerenveen: Worldrecord at ISU Samsung Worldcup
23-Nov-07Heerenveen: good start of ISU Samsung Worldcup
21-Nov-07Heerenveen: Samsung ISU Worldcup
14-Nov-07Reims: Star Class competition
13-Nov-07Dresden: 8th edition of Dresden Junior Open
11-Nov-07Bormio: Veterans still on top
08-Nov-07Bormio: first day 16th Valtellina Trophy
05-Nov-07Bormio: Alta Valtellina Trophy with many skaters
23-Oct-07Champry: good promotion for Short Track
22-Oct-07Groningen: Autumn-tournement
20-Oct-07Champry: Succesful first day
19-Oct-07Champry ready for Star Class
14-Oct-07New World Records set at start of season
14-Oct-07Turnhout: Season starts with Opening Games
11-Oct-07StarClass: information from coordination-group
08-Oct-07Star Class Baselga successful and friendly
07-Oct-07Dutch Men-team successful in The Hague
07-Oct-07Dutch ladies win countrymatch
06-Oct-07Shorttrackonline at two competitions
05-Oct-07Star Class Juniors in Baselga
03-Sep-07Star Class: new icerink Dresden
31-Aug-07Star Class: Entry for first Competitions
31-Aug-07Star Class: Correction Qualifying Times
05-Aug-07Chamonix: Trophe Lon Quaglia
05-Aug-07Chamonix: Vronique Pierron wins with Ladies
05-Aug-07Chamonix: Serge Placher winner Chamonix
30-Jul-07Chamonix: Meedendorp wins Uphill-run Plan-Praz
30-Jul-07Chamonix: 26th edition of Trophee Quaglia has started
30-May-07Pre-entry for Trophe Quaglia open until July 1st
15-May-07European Calendar Meeting
01-May-07Time for holiday
29-Apr-07Chamonix: 26th Trophe Leon Quaglia
15-Apr-07Sarah Lindsay and Jon Eley British Champion
15-Apr-07Closing Games: Veterans and Chocolate Skate
13-Apr-07Closing Games: more then 140 skaters
08-Apr-07Eastercup: HVHW winner Club Classification
08-Apr-07Eastercup: Steven Adriaensens married
07-Apr-07Eastercup: Itzhak de Laat winner 500m. Jun-D
07-Apr-07Eastercup: Gent ready for the competition
01-Apr-07Meudon Junior Cup: Kristallijn Gent strongest club
31-Mar-07Meudon Junior Cup: Alexis Sodogas gets warning
31-Mar-07Meudon Junior Cup: the competition has started
25-Mar-07Open Dutch Juniors: Trias winner club-classification
24-Mar-07Open Dutch Juniors: SV-Utrecht biggest clubteam
24-Mar-07Open Dutch Juniors: Openingceremony
18-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Korea World Team Champion Ladies
18-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Canada World Team Champion Men
17-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Qualifiers of the repechage
17-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Qualifiers Men from 2nd bracket
17-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Qualifiers Ladies from 2nd bracket
17-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Qualifiers Men from first bracket
17-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Qualifiers Ladies from first bracket
17-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: new format competition-program
17-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: Drawing for the competition
15-Mar-07WTC-Budapest: sunny weather and ready
26-Feb-07National Championships Netherlands
26-Feb-07National Championships Germany
26-Feb-07National Championships Belgium
24-Feb-07Kerstholt and Vos leading at National Championship NED.
21-Feb-07Open Dutch Juniors back in Amsterdam
19-Feb-07National Junior Championships Germany
11-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: China wins relay final Men
11-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: Relay won by ladies of China
11-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: Lee wins 1000m Men
11-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: Oliver Jean wins 500m Men
11-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: 1000 meter ladies for Jung
11-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: Meng Wang wins 500m ladies
11-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: polite referee
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: semi-finals relay
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: Hamelin wins 500m.
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: Wang winner Ladies 500 m.
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: Lee winner 1500 meter Men
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: 1500 meter Ladies for Korea
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: photos relay
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: photos relay
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: photos relay
10-Feb-07WC-6 Budapest: photos relay
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos relay
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
10-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: The second day
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: good ice, races and pictures
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: Qualifiers Mens relay
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: The heatbox
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: Heats 1000 meter men
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: heats 1000 meter ladies
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: ladies 1000 meter
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: 1000 meter men
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: 1000 meter men
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: 1000 meter men
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: 1000 meter men
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: 1000 m Men
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: 1000 meter men
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: warm-up for skaters
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: Hard times for referee's
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: Icerink engineer Balu
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: the competition has started
09-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: drawing
08-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: Italy most succesfull
08-Feb-07Worldcup Budapest: ready for the competition
04-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Italy winner Relay-men
04-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Ladies Italy wins relay
04-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Malone winner 1000m.
04-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Capurso wins 1000m.
04-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Jon Eley winner 500m.
04-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Bouvier wins 500m ladies
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: semi-final relay
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Rodigari winner 1000m.
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Radanova strongest on 1000m.
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Malone winner 1500 meter
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Bouvier wins 1500m
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: NOS Studio Sport
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: repechage 1500 meter
03-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Ready for the second day
02-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: first day for qualifying
02-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: coach-talk
02-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Shani Davis among spectators
02-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: enthousiasm under spectators
02-Feb-07Worldcup Heerenveen: Thialf ready for the competition
28-Jan-07Star Class series 2006-2007
28-Jan-07Frieslandcup: De Cleer & Kerstholt wins Star Class
28-Jan-07Frieslandcup: Breteche & Vost Junior-D winners
26-Jan-07Frieslandcup: De Cleer & Kerstholt leading in Star Class
26-Jan-07Frieslandcup: strong field of skaters in Star Class
21-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Rodigari wins European titel
21-Jan-07Sheffield: Evgenia Radanova for 7th time Champion
21-Jan-07Sheffield: Double relay-succes Germany
21-Jan-07Sheffield: Ladies Germany win relay final
21-Jan-07Sheffield: Radanova again the strongest
21-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Classification after 2 distances
20-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Relay Semi Finals
20-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Fauconnet wins 500 meter
20-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Radanova strongest on 500 m
20-Jan-07EC Sheffield: coaches
20-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Old friends
19-Jan-07EC Sheffield: relay 5000 m Men
19-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Bouvier and Rodigari win 1500 m
19-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Radanova falls in semi-final 1500
19-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Official Opening Ceremony
18-Jan-07EC Sheffield: Drawing at Townhall
14-Jan-07World Juniors: Complete Korean victory
13-Jan-07World Juniors: China and Korea wins 500 m
12-Jan-07World Juniors: Korean victories
10-Jan-07William L. Markland
07-Jan-07European Record
01-Jan-07Worldcup Budapest: photos day-2 repechage
29-Dec-06Nottingham: Junior British Open
17-Dec-06Dresden: 11th Olympic Day
11-Dec-06ISU World Cup standings
05-Dec-06Worldcup: China and Korea skaters leading
23-Nov-06Worldcup: Classifications and Rankings
19-Nov-06Global Club Competition: Bormio wins
18-Nov-06Global Club Competition: Bormio strong leader
29-Oct-06Reims: Mastercup succesfull
15-Oct-06Baselga: Gollin and Eley wins first starclass
26-Sep-06Online entry for Star Class Reims, Dresden
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Winsport Software for Shorttrack Competition Administration

Winsport Software is specially made for shorttrack competition administration. It is made for competitions of all levels and is following all ISU regulations. It is a helpfull tool for the make up of competition-schedules, qualifying tables, make-up of the races and result-processing. The software is continuously under development since 1982 and in use by Competitors Stewards all over the world. It can be used stand alone, connected with a Photo Finish system for automated result processing and works perfectly together with all functions of the website Shorttrackonline; like the Competition Entry System, Results upload, Ranking lists and Statistics.

If you are interested you can attend one of our Winsport Clinics for Competitors Stewards which are planned on the following dates:

01-08-2023 Oberstdorf (GER)
----?-------- Almere (NED)

More clinics in other countries are in planning.

For questions and information:

Super Prestige Ranking

The website is doing the Super Prestige World Ranking Classification. This SOL Super Prestige World Ranking Classification determines the best Overall Shorttrack Skater of the World over the whole season. The special point scoring system is based on the actual scoring of points during the Worldcups and World Championships. You can find the Super Prestige Ranking on this website on the page RANKINGS. If you click on a name you will see a special page with all the points scored by that skater. With this SOL Super Prestige World Ranking Classification we do hope to give an extra dimension to shorttrack speedskating and to give a helpfull tool to all federations in the world for promoting our sport.

Personal Record Award for Juniors C/D/E/F

The website will start from the beginning of the season 2019-2020 to hand out a special award to shorttrack skaters, from all over the world, who skated an improved Personal Record. Personal Records are for:
Juniors C/D based on 500 meter
Juniors E/F based on 333 meter

It only counts for improved Personal Records skated in official competitions which are in the database of with a maximum for this season of 500 awards.

Only one improvement per competition will be taken into consideration.

Awards will be given to the countries Contact Person of who will hand them out at a competition were the awarded skater is competing.

This Personal Record Award is a LEGO KIT of a shorttrack skater. Build your own Ice rink with a lot of skaters by skating a lot of Personal Records!

How to find results on this website?

1. On page "COMPETITIONS":
Competitions with results are marked. Click the red mark to see the results page. The menu of categories and events gives the following options:
  • Click category for all results of that category
  • Click distance for all results of that distance
  • Click a round in submenu for results of that round.
  • After choosing you may click "Download selection" for selected results as pdf-file for printing.
  • Click "View Summary" for overview of all results in one window and click on the name of a skater to see all results of that skater marked.
2. On the page "LIVE":
The newest competitions with live results are shown here. Select other competitions in the menu on top of the page. The competition is displayed in the order in which it is programmed.
  • Every single event can be selected either as html-page or as pdf-file.
  • If live coverage of competition is available, start lists and results are published live during competition.
  • Depending on facilities on site, "LIVE" may be uploading of every race, uploading several times during the day, or uploading at the end of every day.
  • With "auto-reload" you do not need to manually refresh the page.

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