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Biographical data for:   PUKITIS, Roberto

Name: Pukitis, Roberto
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 16 December 1994
Age: 22
Age Category: Junior A (2013/2014)
Home Country: Latvia
UPID: STLAT11612199401
Graphs: 2013/2014 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2011/2012
Season 2012/2013
Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2017/2018

Personal records:
500 meter41.23315/11/14Montréal, QB CANWorld Cup
1000 meter1:23.87106/02/16Dresden GERISU World Cup
1500 meter2:11.49220/10/12Calgary, AB CANSamsung ISU World Cup
3000 meter5:08.44119/01/14Dresden GEREuropean Championships

Classifications in season 2013/2014:
24/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDMen32
    Overall Ranking: 9th,   500 meter: 7th,   1000 meter: 12th
31/08/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupMen
    Overall Ranking: 22nd,   500 meter: 12th,   1000 meter: 21st,   1500 meter: 35th
26/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World CupMen
    500 m: 38th,   1000 m: 27th,   1500 m: -
03/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World CupMen
    500 m: 26th,   1000 m: 37th,   1500 m: -
07/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupMen
    500 m: 34th,   1000 m: 59th,   1500 m: 29th
14/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupMen
    500 m: 35th,   1000 m: 39th,   1500 m: 30th
15/12/13Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup-3Divisie A
    Overall Ranking: 11th,   500 meter: 11th
17/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsMen
    Overall Ranking: 8th,   500 m: 24th,   1000 m: 20th,   1500 m: 4th
07/02/14Sochi RUSOlympic Winter GamesMen
    1500 meter: 15th
07/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsMen
    Overall Ranking: 17th,   500 m: 14th,   1000 m: 25th,   1500 m: 9th

Results in season 2013/2014:
500 meter
41.63314/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupHeats 
41.94503/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
42.07608/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsHeats 
42.15914/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
42.54603/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
42.64124/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDQuarter Finals, Group 1 
42.68607/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupHeats 
42.78418/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsPreliminaries 
42.82931/08/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupPreliminaries 
42.88514/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
42.91308/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsPreliminaries 
42.92803/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World CupHeats 
42.95926/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
43.14524/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDFinal, Group 2 
43.41224/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDHeats, Group 1 
43.56231/08/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupHeats 
43.61426/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
43.86701/09/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupQuarter Finals 
44.05507/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
44.17215/12/13Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup-3Halve Finale, Groep 2 
44.63401/09/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupFinal, C 
44.94915/12/13Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup-3Heats, Groep 1 
50.51815/12/13Heerenveen NEDKNSB Cup-3Finale, Groep 3 
58.11508/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsQuarterfinals 
1:20.74307/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
P18/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsHeats 
1000 meter
1:26.49527/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World CupHeats 
1:27.08619/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsHeats 
1:27.17104/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
1:28.30815/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupHeats 
1:28.32704/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
1:28.38427/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
1:28.75315/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
1:29.01608/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
1:29.24309/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsPreliminaries 
1:30.78324/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDQuarter Finals, Group 1 
1:31.02809/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsHeats 
1:31.15501/09/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupRepechage 
1:32.55715/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
1:33.50631/08/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupHeats 
1:33.58127/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World CupPre-Preliminaries 
1:33.96224/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDFinal, Group 3 
1:37.00024/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDHeats, Group 1 
P08/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
1500 meter
2:15.70217/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsFinal 
2:16.96110/02/14Sochi RUSOlympic Winter GamesSemi Final, Group 1 
2:18.38714/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupHeats 
2:19.02707/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupHeats 
2:19.60007/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsSemifinals 
2:21.71914/11/13Kolomna RUSSamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
2:24.72307/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupPreliminaries 
2:25.90817/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsHeats 
2:27.79117/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsSemi Finals 
2:29.75607/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsQuarterfinals 
2:30.67110/02/14Sochi RUSOlympic Winter GamesHeats, Group 1 
2:53.17607/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsHeats 
3:15.94931/08/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupHeats 
3:32.59731/08/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupRepechage 
P26/09/13Shanghai CHNSamsung ISU World CupHeats 
P03/10/13Seoul KORSamsung ISU World CupHeats 
P09/11/13Torino ITASamsung ISU World CupQuarterfinals 
3000 meter
5:08.44119/01/14Dresden GEREuropean ChampionshipsFinal 
3000 meter relay
4:14.40524/08/13Dresden GERCountrymatch GER-NEDFinal, Group 1 
(GER JUN: Vladislav Bykanov, Roberto Pukitis, Tom Rietzke, Niclas Wendler)
4:29.17307/03/14Erzurum TURWorld Junior ChampionshipsHeats 
(Latvia: Tomass Bakevics, Karlis Kruzbergs, Roberto Pukitis, Roberts Zvejnieks)
5000 meter relay
7:00.91801/09/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupFinal 2, extra 
(Mix LAT-KOR-ISR: Vladislav Bykanov, Yoon-Gy Kwak, Roberto Pukitis, Haralds Silovs)
7:17.62931/08/13Heerenveen NEDInvitation CupFinal 1, extra 
(Mix LAT-KOR-ISR: Vladislav Bykanov, Yoon-Gy Kwak, Roberto Pukitis, Haralds Silovs)


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